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Post a new Tweet from anywhere via Tweetbot using Keyboard Maestro

I’ve long heard of all the great things that Keyboard Maestro can do. I’ve wanted to play with it for absolutely ages, so I started to tinker.

The first thing I decided to create was a method to post a new tweet from anywhere within the operative system. New tweet with tweetbot

So what does this workflow achieve?

We’ll put simply, to create a new tweet I have to work through a couple of steps.

  • Open Tweetbot
  • Click to the “New Tweet” button or menu item
  • Start typing
  • Click “Tweet” or type “Cmd” Return”

I don’t want to waste the time and in all honestly it prevents me from tweeting things because I just won’t move away from what I’m doing.

Often when I want to tweet it’s something that just crossed my mind. I don’t want to wander away from what I’m doing, I just want to post the Tweet as fast as I can.

My macro will, really quickly, switch to Tweetbot and open the new Tweet dialogue.

Heres what it looks like

New Tweet Macro

So, by typing “newtweet” absolutely anywhere within the operative system the macro is fired.

Link to macro on GitHub

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