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Developing for the web since 1999, that's 19 years

About me


Hi, I’m Lyle. I’m a web developer and I suppose, a bit of a blogger now too. I live in South Staffordshire with my beautiful family.

I started tinkering with the web in 1999. I wrote some really basic HTML and was immediately hooked. Pretty soon I was building sites for friends and family and having a good old whale of a time.

I began with those table based designs we all know and love but I was soon to be enlightened. I now adore front end development, taking a design and turning it in to HTML and CSS. I also have a passion for server side technologies, I predominantly favour PHP for it’s power and simplicity.

I currently work for a heavily I.T. based company where I am the web team and to be honest I’m loving it.

Late in 2010 I decided I’d like to write about what I do and Smiley Happy Coder was born. Why Smiley Happy Coder? Well it describes me quite well, I’m smiley and happy and I happen to write code.

I hope to make this site a good resource for everyone, from beginners to pros. Although I’m a developer I have a healthy interest in the design aspects if the Internet, so I will no doubt cross that line at some points.

There will be tutorial posts a plenty, ranging from the basics to some more technical bits and pieces.

I also have a few ideas for projects which I’ll share with you. I may even write a couple of short, focused books.

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