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A new WordPress theme

Well, the astute among you may have noticed a new theme

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A new theme

Well here we have it, the new theme.

It’s incomplete in many ways but I’m hoping to roll the new features in along with some posts about how to roll these new features in.

I’d really like some feedback on it if that’s at all possible.

What do you think? How does my first ever WordPress theme shape up?

2011 plans for the site

So it’s 2011 already, I don’t know where time goes, I really don’t.

I thought I’d take a minute to put to paper (or so to speak) my plans for this website for the next year or so.
I have a pile of great idea’s for the blog and in fact it may expand beyond the realms of a traditional blog. I still intend to write and in fact I intend to write a lot more.

An RSS feed

The first plan is to implement an RSS feed on the site so that you guys can subscribe to it and not miss a thing.

The program I have written to create the RSS feeds is very nearly complete and in fact it’s already live, I’m just not advertising it just yet. I’m hoping to use this post to test that the RSS feed is now working as I want it to. I will obviously write about how I wrote the script.

Email subscriptions

A lot of folks like to use email to subscribe to blogs and who am I to argue. I intend to roll together a system where by users can pop in their email address and they will then be advised of new posts via email rather than RSS.

Post comments

This is something that really needs to be implemented as soon as I can really. It’s not going to be a massive challenge to implement but I have some other future plans to tie into so I have to be a little more careful than if I ran a standard blog site. I also want to spend a little time and make sure that the commenting system is as hardened to spammers as possible.


I have had some thoughts about releasing some small plugin style snippets for free download. It’s just something that could prove useful to the community I eventually hope to build around this site.


I have some more plans but I’d like to keep those under wraps at the moment. Lets just say this little lot will probably keep me going until 2012 at least.

Post One

So here we are, post one.

This site has been a long time coming. To start the story in the beginning, which I find is as good a place as any, I began hobby web design and development about five years ago and since then I have progressed from table based structure to understanding the need for web standards. It\’s been a long journey but a fun one.

My dream

My dream has always been to find a job in web design and development but I’ve always felt that I just wasn’t experienced enough. At the time I was running the help desk for an IT based company which has never really had an internet presence other than the standard online brochure / contact us site. It became more and more apparent that the company did need some experience in the web. I began with small projects like creating a standardised HTML email signature for the business and I have since moved into a full time role as web developer.

Designer or Developer

So I’m a web developer and not a designer. So what up with that? Well in the olden days I called myself a (hobbyist) web designer until I came to realise two things. The first being the fact that I can’t design and the second being that what I actually loved to do was really more development than design anyway.

So what is it I do?

So now I call myself a developer but even that could be split further. My role is split between front end development and server side development. So essentially as a front end developer I build websites using HTML and CSS and as a server side developer I make them do cool things with PHP and MSSQL.

So what’s this site all about?

Well, I’m hoping to share my exploits and some of the things I learn along the way. If any of the readers of the site learn something then it’s worth it.
Just to point out that I’m going to be building and adding to the site as I go along and it should develop into something quite useful I hope.